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PO BOX 19561CHICAGO, IL 60619 United States

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Our Mission: Help formerly incarcerated people not Only become productive members of the community- but "Assets" to society! We help people impacted by the criminal justice system gain economic stability. ULON an acronym for United Legion One Nation is is dedicated to empowering individuals who have faced challenges in finding stable employment due to various circumstances. We understand that economic disparity is a pressing issue on the South Side of Chicago, and addressing it requires providing opportunities, resources, and support to those who need them the most


Ex-offender/ex-gang member Pete Keller founded a grass-roots organization called ULON out of his second story apartment in Chicago, Illinois. ULON (United Legion, One Nation) resources are thoughtfully designed to help formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and at risk-youth who have been impacted by the social justice system with the help and resources they need to avoid falling into the lifestyle that leads to imprisonment or death.


After serving 4-stints in the penitentiary, Keller hit rock-bottom. He painfully recalls being released back into society with no help or even the basic necessities. No clothes, no home, no job, no money, no transportation, distant family, and hungry. The economic struggles left him torn between the opportunity to change his life and make an honest living or the life of crime he once knew. Keller discovered being labeled as a ***FELON meant no one wanted to give him a chance, nor hire him, trust him as a tenant, nor even help him.

Despite these pitfalls, by the grace of God Keller managed to not only change his life for the better, but he spends every day of his life helping others to do the same. Discover ways that you can join the fight against recidivism. An opportunity to use your God-given resources to undertake an important mission.

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