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35 Farnborough AvenueRugby, Warwickshire CV227ELUnited Kingdom United Kingdom

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The mission is to draw attention to the possible acute threat of a large-scale disaster, for example nuclear war, and alternative solutions. It also includes public research on the impact on regional crime, or war conflicts.. The main goal is to reach as many people as possible in case it could be any use of weapons of mass destruction - specifically nuclear weapons, but also, for example, the use of artificial intelligence to destroy a group of people. In the case of massive enlightenment, the action will include all possible forms of violence. The way to reach people would be mainly through social networks by reaching out to various celebrities and influencers. Part of the movement is also conducting research, where the possible effectiveness of this action is to be monitored on the basis of data from the following news and records of the reduction of violence and crime in various parts of the world. The result of the project will then be in the news.


Part of the promotion of the project, but also the initial idea of organizing something "can be" an exciting chaining of life stories of two people - organizers from different parts of the world - Slovakia and South Korea.
I think that I am a person who has a relationship with information and education. I consider the periods before World War 1 and World War 2 crucial in history, which are continuations of previous military conflicts. Even the current war between Russia and Ukraine is a continuation of the conflict that began in 1917 as a war for the independence of Ukraine.
Another area of interest is artificial intelligence, which I have mainly been dealing with on a theoretical level.
I see a much more helpful application of AI together with the Internet instead in the possibility of reaching people through social networks than some government made up of machines, which as an idea was presented years ago in China, as a fight against the corruption of top politicians along with the complete control of people's movements using face recognition and information from mobile phones. Any idea of using a self-improvement algorithm (self-attention), for example, as some defense strategy for destroying an aggressor, I see as the worst nightmare. Here I see the point of monitoring and pointing out this danger in the future.
My last long-term interest is composing music, which I want to use as an offer to various performers to promote future planned events.


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