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PO BOX 3553GRESHAM, OR 97030 United States

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Mission Statement

BonZeb, Inc is a 501c3 organization based in Gresham, Oregon (46-4674766) and working with the people of Haiti in a two-prong effort to educate and create living wage jobs for Haitians. BonZeb developed a way to convert organic feedstock into cleaner burning charcoal to address the deforestation issues (98% of trees harvested), soil erosion and environmental degradation. The process is 95% people powered, creating jobs for the local community. The second prong of BonZeb’s effort is the creation of a scholarship program to help students and their families with the cost of education. BonZeb works with Notre Dame Universities of Haiti, Salesian Trade and Technology Schools, local elementary schools and is currently assisting the children of our 47 Haitian employees to attend the community school.


BonZeb is seeking to bring a truly affordable and sustainable solution to Haiti. It is inevitable that the current charcoal industry, which is based on the destruction of trees, will completely deforest the country within the next 2-3 years. They are already cutting down mango trees for charcoal. Without an alternative source for cooking fuel, the cost of charcoal will skyrocket beyond the present average household cost of $1.25 per day. With 25% to 40% of average income of 80% of the population being spent on cooking fuel, any increase in cost will be devastating to the already impoverished population.

BonZeb has developed a low-tech method for processing various feedstocks-native grasses grown by local farmers-into charcoal briquettes. This process will lower the cost of charcoal by 40% to 50% and will decrease the need to use trees for charcoal.

BonZeb will work with local farmers, landowners, small business entrepreneurs, NGO’s and communities to grow these feedstocks and will utilize local labor for manufacturing. This process will create new small businesses, jobs and new skill sets (management, processing, storage, shipping, marketing, and sales) and will foster economic development within the rural communities.

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