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4115 POST STJACKSONVILLE, FL 32205 United States

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Presbyterian Social Ministries (PSMJax) is a leading partner in efforts to end homelessness and operates as the community distributor of clothing by building a community where everyone has access to the essential goods and resources they need. We are the connector; connecting those who have with those who need.


PSMJax organized as a nonprofit have programs that meet the needs of impoverished households in Jacksonville since 2004. PSMJax consistently achieves remarkable outcomes in fulfilling its mission to connect the most disadvantaged individuals with resources to foster stability.

PSMJax operates two major programs supporting our mission to connect those who have with those who need: CWP supplies brand new and high-quality used clothing and household goods to over 80 community agencies that redistribute the items for free. Together with our community partners, we provide clothing to the most vulnerable in Jacksonville, addressing the geographical barriers hindering access to essential attire.

HOME SAFE connects chronically homeless households with permanent stable housing. This HUD-funded program follows a Housing First model prioritizing housing as a necessary first step before individuals can successfully address health, employment, and other challenges. Case managers provide guided support to the unique culture, needs, desires, and challenges of each individual. 91% of those individuals maintained stable housing for one year or longer.

The number of community agencies receiving inventory from CWP grew over 60% percent in 2022, from 50 to 80 agencies served. As a rough approximation, considering an average of seven items per person, we have effectively catered to the needs of over 19,000 vulnerable persons by supplying them with essential clothing.


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