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208 N PRYOR STGASTONIA, NC 28052 United States

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Gastonia Freedom School is an Agile Learning Center where we believe learning flourishes when directed by an individual’s own interests and talents, responsibility emerges from people participating in their own education, and community results from diverse people of all ages working together and learning from each other.


Gastonia Freedom School is an Agile Learning Center located in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was established in 2018 and serves students with autism, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities. The school follows a student-driven, self-directed learning model that is designed to foster independence and creativity in its students.

Gastonia Freedom School is inspired by the ideas and philosophy of Agile Learning Centers, which is a network of alternative schools that promote self-directed education. The school's mission is to create a safe and supportive learning environment for its students, where they can explore their interests and develop their unique talents and strengths.

The school offers a flexible schedule and a variety of learning opportunities, including individual and group projects, workshops, and field trips. The curriculum is designed to be responsive to the interests and needs of the students, and is guided by the principles of self-directed learning.

While the Gastonia Freedom School is a relatively new institution, it is part of a growing movement of alternative schools that are challenging traditional models of education and promoting more student-centered approaches to learning. Its focus on self-directed learning and emotional support for students with disabilities has earned it a reputation as an innovative and compassionate learning community.


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