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705 East 8th StBrady, TX 76825 United States

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Mission Statement

Purpose & Mission: The purpose of T.I.R.E.D. is to help make Society and Prison Facilities more safe, promote positive change in behavior among errants in society as well as the prison inmate population. T.I.R.E.D. accomplishes that goal by mentoring & teaching qualified individuals through a comprehensive educational program. It is the Mission of T.I.R.E D. to both undress and address the socioeconomic issues that challenge our community in order to: influence incarcerated individuals, ex-inmates and law abiding citizens into positive peer building behavior together in society; encourage life repurposing and remodeling of thoughts; while also teaching & exhibiting qualities like flexibility, accountability, dependability, trust, respect, leadership, ownership etc. through our mentorship programs, CDL Training and Career Development services.


T.I.R.E.D. [Tiered Inspirational Reform for Eradicating Deficiencies]

Is an ex offender, community reform and re-entry employment program that helps build the community through benevolent acts while reforming the hearts & minds of inmates that will eventually return to society. Through this community service we influence change in how society sees these ex inmates so that they may give them that "second chance" to reintegrate into society successfully and become productive members of society.

Support for this organization and its acronym connotes one is "Tired" of erratic behavior, self-defeating thinking, and the cycle of nonsensical actions that hinder and harm any chance of true growth and development.

With support from state officials, lawmakers, volunteers and individuals just like yourself, the

T.I R.E.D. Organization is making an immediate impact in the quest to transform the lives, thinking and behavior of errants in society, offenders in state facilities and ultimately law abiding citizens everywhere.

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