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A 3-minute interactive immersive experience that delivers artistic messages of hope in the form of remodeled telephone booths, strategically placed throughout the globe to make hope accessible and help affordable 24/7 for the first time in history. Developed and created alongside a science board of licensed professional psychologists, therapists, and social workers. Where No One Goes Unseen. Making hope and help accessible to all, using remodeled telephone booths.


Humanity is experiencing a crisis unlike ever before. The average person living on the streets goes 3-6 months without being looked in the eye. Humanity is experiencing less connection than ever before. Loneliness and isolation is now an epidemic. Suicide rates are increasing. Imagine Hope Booths permanently installed around the world on street corners, in prisons, hospitals, schools, workplaces, and just about anywhere people frequent, 24/7, free or charge, to provide society with a resources that provides both crisis intervention and crisis prevention, by making hope and help accessible.

Mental health is sometimes the problem, but oftentimes the symptom to an even greater pain point. Imagine Hope Booth connecting billions to the local help and support they could need in their journey to finding lasting hope, such as therapists, food banks, churches, shelters, employment, community, and more.

Imagine not having to search for help, but the help finding you exactly where you are.

What would happen if we pioneered a new way forward? Imagine the change our world would experience.


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