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WESTON DRLOS ALTOS HLS, CA 94022 United States

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We are small in size but big in heart. Dedicated to helping feral and abandoned kittens and cats. We believe in TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). We support several cat colonies in the San Francisco bay area by feeding, providing medical care & rehoming when possible.


Established in 2022, we have completed almost 200 adoptions of cats and kittens through the use of foster home volunteers. We help feed over 100 cats in several colonies on the Peninsula and East Bay. We are a small group of caring volunteers who are always looking for nice people to join our efforts. If you are interested in fostering cats or kittens or are interested in helping us take care of colony cats, we are hoping to meet you!


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by Brett C. (April 7, 2024)
I first volunteered with Pink Paws in April of 2022 and have fostered kittens and adult cats including special needs nearly continuously since The groups founder , Charlene, strives to save as many cats in need as cross her path including cats with physical and emotional special needs a lot of other small rescues would not take on due to expense or effort required If you foster for Pink Paws you will be matched to the right fit, kitten or adult , litter/pairs or singles , friendly or “spicy” and in some instances special needs You will receive both materiel and “technical “ support needed to bring your foster from rescue to forever home and should you choose you will have say in approval of adopter I would like to continue fostering for this group after my current pair of Pink Paws foster goes to their forever home
by Nickhie A. (April 2, 2024)
Have been fostering kittens for Pinkpaws for about 6 months now. Charlene, the founder is a lovely lady who ensures that you as a foster find the right fit of cats/kittens that you want for your home/family/lifestyle. She and the organization are always there to help you navigate the experience and they strive to make it a pleasurable experience for you as a foster. The kittens too are taken care of very well and you get a sense of being part of the entire process of adoption and are not just relegated to being a foster. Our opinions on the cat, the right adopters for them are all taken into account before they are given for adoption. Pink paws has wonderful supportive members who ensure you are never overwhelmed by the process and instead make it a joyful time.
by Laëtitia H. (April 2, 2024)
I have been fostering for Pink Paws since August 2023. We are simply loving it. It feels like a family, the support and communication is great. We have fostered for other organisations but Pink Paws is so dear to our hearts.

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