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Walking in Step with God cuts through to the heart of the matter. We deliver straightforward, transparent, matter-of-fact truth that is missing today. God wants to meet you where you are, no matter who you are, regardless of your spiritual or religious affiliation. Whether you are an agnostic on the fence about God, affiliated with religion but know something is missing, or maybe struggling with faith, here you will find the truth about God and His desire to walk with you every day, all day - for life. We seek to give truth that guides, informs, and educates. We focus on God, His character, and how to have a relationship with Him using common truths about God found and personal experiences. Through weekly videos, podcasts, and written content, Walking in Step with God seeks to deliver consistent content that encourages connection with God making truth accessible to anyone anywhere.


Walking in Step with God is a ministry whose goal is to see people from diverse demographics and communities across the nation and the world walk more closely with God.

Walking in step with God was founded so people could learn about God and His desire for a relationship. We want to encourage and inspire everyone to grow in contentment and security in faith found through an authentic relationship with God.

We have created a community of like-minded people. We seek to build others up and be a welcoming place for anyone to ask questions and find answers about who God is and what a relationship with God looks like.

Our heart’s goal is to inspire and encourage people. We currently do this through online communities and regular content. We want to live boldly and offer in-person events and conferences that bring people physically together to build and nurture the community of those walking in step with God.

We want to strengthen and inspire people to walk boldly and freely discuss God’s ways and how He wants to walk with everyone from every language, tribe, and person worldwide.


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