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Texas Operation Giveback is a veteran-led non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of our fellow Texans through homeownership and financial literacy education. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the stability and security that comes with owning a home, and we are committed to helping individuals and families in our community achieve this goal. In addition to providing support and resources for homeownership, we also strive to give back to our community through charitable initiatives and volunteerism. Our ultimate goal is to create a stronger, more vibrant, and supportive community for all.


Texas Operation Giveback is a non-profit organization created by veterans to educate military personnel on their home buying and selling benefits. We provide financial literacy and access to once-a-month, two-hour workshops where veterans can ask questions in person to professionals involved in the home buying process, including real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, credit repair companies, insurance companies, home warranty companies, title companies, and inspectors.

The workshops are free and begin with a 30-minute introduction and meet-and-greet. The next hour is dedicated to instructions, where everyone gets a chance to hear from each professional for 10-15 minutes. The workshop concludes with another 30 minutes of meet-and-greet, where individuals can go to each booth and learn more and pick up material to take home.


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by Tamara R. from Fort Worth, TX (June 19, 2023)
I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction and disappointment with the experience I had with this organization, Texas Operation Giveback. As a supporter and contributor to various nonprofits, it saddens me to have to file a complaint against an organization that I initially believed in. The primary concerns revolve around this organization's leadership, communication practices, and lack of transparency. I feel compelled to bring these matters to attention in the hope that necessary improvements will be made to rectify the situation and prevent others from encountering similar challenges. The leadership has proven to be inadequate and has failed to provide effective direction and guidance. It is evident that there is a lack of accountability and responsibility among the CEO. Decision-making processes appear to be haphazard, inconsistent and nonexistent and then you are blamed for the zero direction given. I would advise anyone looking for a volunteer opportunity to beware.

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