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Cadena CreekWestern Area Rural District, Sierra Leone Sierra Leone

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Mission Statement

OneSynergee aims to empower communities in underrepresented nations to deploy clean energy systems. We cultivate solid relationships to train, build, and maintain sustainable technologies. Carbon-free utilities provide equitable relief for low-income communities and impact essential resources like wholesome groceries, healthcare, education, professional services, and family recreation.


2050 Vision:

  • Provide access to clean water, regenerative food systems, and waste management through renewable energy systems to 500,000 people.
  • Provide training in sustainable technologies, renewable energy installation and other carbon-free skills to 50,000 people.
  • Partner with community leaders, governments, businesses, and other organizations to realize this vision.


  • Deploy renewable utility systems to support fair access in the least developed and developing countries.
  • Offer vocational training in installation and other carbon-free related skills.
  • Promote policies supporting renewable energy in the least developed and developing countries .

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