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150 PARKE AVEQUINCY, MA 02171 United States

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Mission Statement

When disasters strike, hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado, storm, fire or political oppression, victims need the basics; food, healthcare, and shelter. ShelterAid is founded by resolute architects and designers to provide innovative temporary shelter structures for victims of natural disaster and political tyranny, and uplift 'emergency camp’ conditions globally.


Our three-stage methodology opens opportunity to integrate a large cross section of industries as potential partners.

  1. DESIGN - Establishing an international Design Prize competition to inspire new and state-of-the-art concepts for temporary structures, harnessing the art and science of design for humanitarian benefit. We ally partners, institutions, students, and professionals to participate, conduct and jury annual design competitions.
  1. CONSTRUCT - Procuring facilities and materials to construct/fabricate and warehouse the award-winning designs.

Construction companies, storage facilities and materials manufacturers large and small, trade schools and volunteer training organizations are potential partners in this phase of the mission.

  1. DEPLOY - Tracking disasters and expediting shipping, erecting, decamping, and return of structures.

Shipping, erecting, striking, and return of shelters, as emergencies arise, will require a cutting-edge and uniquely new tech opportunity. Partnering with like-minded NGO’s and government agencies, airline, transport and delivery companies, to integrate current methods and collaborate systems creating or implementing national and international response systems.


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