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921 Washington StreetOakland, CA 94607 United States

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The MADE works to uphold the history of Games and Digital Art through playable preservation. We want to inspire and educate future game developers and artists by creating a safe space for our community to grow.


Digital entertainment, unlike many other art forms, requires interaction to be understood. Discussing games without playing them robs participants of the opportunity to directly feel the impact of design decisions. To that end, we try to make everything in our museum playable.
In an increasingly digital world, methods of communication are expanding dramatically. Temporal media can be shared across the world in a matter of clicks. Increasingly, the creation of interactive media as a form of self-expression is becoming not only ubiquitous, but a necessity to convey information clearly and concisely.
To that end, we work to go beyond traditional history pedagogy; everyone should be able to experience history. We believe that every child should be able to connect to their digital heritage viscerally while learning the skills to critically assess and create it.
The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment is a 501c(3) physical community space where digital entertainment artifacts are stored and exhibited in playable form for the purposes of education and entertainment.
Over more than a decade, the MADE has sought to legitimize the preservation of video games as a historic, cultural, and artistic medium within the context of our time. Visitors to the MADE have access to play any of our collection of over 14,000 games across 40+ systems, on-demand. Through exhibitions, events, and exposition, these games are exposed as works of art, with the processes behind their creation brought to light for the first time in a true, interactive, museum setting.


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