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The McIntosh Rollins Foundation is committed to honoring the legacy of Dox Thrash, a renowned printmaker and inventor from Philadelphia. Our mission is to preserve and promote his private collection, which represents a significant contribution to the history of American art. Through our efforts, we strive to increase awareness and appreciation of Thrash's innovative techniques and artistic vision, while providing educational opportunities to future generations of artists and art enthusiasts. We are dedicated to ensuring that Thrash's legacy endures and continues to inspire and influence the art world for years to come.


MRF's work is crucial to preserving a part of Philadelphia's cultural heritage. As a city with a rich artistic history, Philadelphia has a responsibility to honor the contributions of its local artists and ensure that their legacies endure. By supporting the MRF and its efforts to preserve the work of Dox Thrash, Philadelphians and descendants of Thrash alike are investing in the cultural fabric of their community and contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the importance of art in our society. Through education and outreach programs, the MRF also helps to ensure that Thrash's legacy is accessible to a broad audience, further enhancing the community's investment in the preservation of his work.


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