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2208 N 21st StKansas City, KS 66104 United States

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To help communities grow into an empowered and informed society by encouraging simple, sustainable living to reduce resource inequality and waste.


Re.Use.Full was born after taking repeated requests from friends looking for a new home for their gently used household items, clothes and computer equipment. They wanted to help a worthy organization but didn’t know who could put their items to good use. Having experienced firsthand the challenges nonprofit organizations face to stretch their funding and do more with less, Leslie Scott founded Re.Use.Full and embarked on creating a platform that takes "reduce, reuse, recycle" to a whole new level.

Like Tinder, we match donors with organization. But also like Tinder, we don’t make the dinner reservation! So once you find the best organization for you, reach out to them and connect!

Giving used clothing and household goods a second life can benefit nonprofit organizations, schools and churches-providing much-needed items they may have had to use cash to purchase-while limiting the impact of clothing and textiles on the environment and, over time, reducing the demand for new products to ultimately save precious natural resources.

In 2022, we took our donation matching into the community, launching Un-Dumpster Day in June. For our third Un-Dumpster Day event, we're adding an Earth Day Festival with tons of family-friendly, sustainability-focused activities.

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