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10195 Park Circle West Apt 3 Cupertino, CA 95014Cupertino, CA 95014 United States

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Mission Statement

Provide humanitarian support to people living on the street by offering temporary shelter, 24/7 bathroom, warm shower, meals, clothing, a daytime resting place, transportation services, and other services to save lives and restore lives.


Currently we are recruiting volunteers for our environmental mission.
Even though we are a homeless shelter, we work on the environment. As environment is everything. It holds our life together.
Without environment, we have nothing.
Our environmental programs are as follows:
1. Capture Rainwater and use the rainwater in your garden for agricultural/horticultural purposes
2. Turn Vegetable and Fruit waste into Organic Garden Soil at Home
3. Separate food waste from the rest of the garbage: Use green bins: Suggesting using compostable bags to make it easier to use green bins regularly
4. We are growing 3,000 pine tree seedlings that super bloomed after January, 2023, in California. Plant trees!
5. Organic soil is good for the environment. It keeps underground water clean and intact. No fertilizers. Go organic. Go natural.

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