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Our mission is to enable young kids to love Math by building a strong foundation in basic arithmetic, removing math anxiety and building self confidence. OneInMath is a free structured program designed to help young children (Kindergarden to 3rd grade) master math skills and build strong foundations in basic arithmetic. Our goal is to make students comfortable with the material and to reduce math anxiety by individualizing the process of learning math, so they are more likely to succeed both now and in the future. We combine the advantages of scientific learning, tutoring, practice, and commitment from parents and students to help them excel. High school volunteers learn valuable leadership and communication skills, negotiation and conflict resolution, teamwork, and much more. In the past volunteer surveys, 88% said they became better communicators, 64% said increased patience, 58% said they became better negotiators and multi-tasker, and 47% said they became more responsible!


OneInMath has been serving local communities since 2010. It is a high-touch program requiring volunteers and students to meet once a week at designated public libraries. Our program runs twice a year, 10-12 week long semesters, once in spring, and once in fall. Each volunteer is assigned 4-5 students to work with consistently through out the semester. Please see for more information.

It is a 100% volunteer driven organization, and provides a huge opportunity for high school volunteers to gain valuable life-long skills and prepare themselves for college. Over 500 students and 100 volunteers help run the program in their own local public libraries. We provide complete logistics including training, over 2000 math sheets organized into packets and modules, tracker software, marketing material, and supervision to run your own local OneInMath program, as well as opportunities to volunteer as tutors and leaders in currently running public libraries.

It is also an opportunity for adult volunteers who are motivated to make a difference in their communities to help young kids learn basic Math!

We believe building a strong foundation in basic math and a nurturing environment that builds their confidence and removes anxiety and fear at the young age has a much more significant impact in building better human beings, and better communities in the long run! Please see for more information.

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