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OUR MISSION IS TO DEVELOP ROBUST HUMAN SYSTEMS Robust human systems are groups of people: teams, organizations, families, communities - in which all members, regardless of role or position, are fully engaged, using and developing their unique talents, learning and growing, working both independently and in partnership with others, united in purpose, with mutual understanding and respect throughout. We have learned how often people are blind to the powerful patterns of behavior that exist within almost all organizations. We help people see the systemic nature of organizations and learn how to individually and collectively use that awareness to greatly increase their influence and impact. We serve our mission by transforming system blindness - with all its costs - into system sight with all of its productive possibilities.


We are Power + Systems. We are a people development and consulting company dedicated to unleashing the full, positive potential of individuals and organizations. We have built our unique business on a powerful combination of decades of ground-breaking research, insight-filled books, and highly engaging, experiential workshops.

Power - we help you, and your organization, to maximize your people power - the ability to influence and lead, to create positive impact and lasting change - from any level or part of the organization.

Systems - we help you, and your organization, to increase your ability to think and act more systemically to effectively manage the increasingly complex world in which we live and work.

Power + Systems = Transformation - We help our clients create lasting change whether they are within: a multi-national company, non-profit, government agency, school system, faith-based group, family, or community group. Our systemic approach helps people understand and leverage the predictable patterns that exist in organizations and the reflex responses that we, as human beings, often use to respond to them. Once people understand the systemic nature of organizations, they can identify more powerful strategies for success, and most importantly, put them into action.


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