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849 Almar Ave #C-225Santa Cruz, CA 95060 United States

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Mission Statement

To train and mobilize a U.S. election Fairness Force to ensure all voters can vote and that our votes are counted accurately.


Scrutineers works at the intersection of the voting rights movement and the election transparency movement. We work to make sure everyone qualified to vote can vote, and that all the votes are counted accurately.

We’re the only national organization that trains activists to monitor elections to help ensure fair and accurate counting of votes. Our trainings happen online and can be accessed from anywhere.

Whatever your cause, it’s a lost cause without trustworthy elections.

You’re in the right place if any of these describes you:

  1. Regardless of what candidates you support, you believe in fair elections (We’re nonpartisan)
  2. You’re concerned about the attacks on the freedom to vote
  3. You’re just beginning to learn about elections and want to get involved in making them better
  4. You’re an expert in some aspect of elections and want to share your knowledge
  5. You’re considering being a poll worker
  6. You want to help protect the elections but are worried about COVID and other risks of doing in-person work
  7. You’re already volunteering to work for a candidate, phonebanking/postcarding, etc.
  8. You care about the election but don’t have voting rights (due to age, immigration status, or prior convictions)
  9. You understand that action is needed because the election is not going to protect itself, but you don’t know what to do


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by Dale A. (November 4, 2022) is the go-to organizing org for networking around election integrity, security, and voter suppression issues.
by Patricia S. (November 4, 2022)
I first learned about Scrutineers in 2020. The non-partisan on-line organization has created a community of election experts, advocates, and volunteers like me who work for elections that are fair, secure, accessible, and transparent. And it really is a community. There are volunteer opportunities appropriate for different areas of knowledge, skills levels, and time availability.
by Paul B. (Administrator for this Organization) (November 3, 2022)
Scrutineers is very well organized and puts a lot of good thought into its projects. It gives volunteers great support and flexibility. It has practical steps volunteers can do, so we know how well elections run and can solve problems.
by Gretchen A. (October 13, 2022)
If you are looking to help make our elections free and fair, Scrutineers can connect you to a variety of opportunities big or small. Not sure where you fit in or don't have experience? There are a variety of things you can volunteer for--from research to developing training to outreach. Scrutineer's members have plenty of ideas and knowledge to share. They will guide you, train you, and encourage you along the way.
by Lynn S. (October 13, 2022)
This is a nonpartisan, dedicated group of volunteers with access to people with great knowledge and experience on elections, working to maintain the transparency and honesty of our elections across the country. You can volunteer as much or as little time as you have, and the only cost to become a member is a one-time $1.99 (which they only charge to keep out bots and trolls!). They will waive that fee upon reasonable request.

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