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PO Box 773Montclair, NJ 07042 United States

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Mission Statement

DIFFvelopment is a trailblazing nonprofit organisation that plays a key role in driving the creation of sustainable Black personal, generational and communal wealth by empowering the next generation of Black visionary leaders to prioritise historically and globally conscious community-minded entrepreneurial activity. Through our mission of "Re-empowering the global Black community through historically centred re-education that empowers aspiring Black visionaries to develop their world differently," we sustainably solve deep-seated historical knowledge and wealth gap issues, caused by centuries of global Black economic oppression. We serve ambitious young Black people from around the world, with a focus on college students and recent graduates, who aim to positively impact the Black community but lack the resources and support necessary to do so. Read more about DIFFvelopment by visiting https://www.diffvelopment.org/.


By joining #OurBlackCollective, you become part of a global community of volunteers and donors who gain rewarding opportunities to engage with impactful charitable projects. We invite you to get involved with DIFFvelopment through our new Professional Mentorship & Fundraising Collective. Through this initiative, you get to tell us about your expertise and whether you'd like to be a mentor to the young people we serve or leverage your network to advocate in strategic spaces to help us overcome the Black-led nonprofit funding gap.

  • Participate in exclusive mission-reinforcing volunteer and donor events and network with like-minded individuals
  • Receive special recognition for your service through thank you packages as well as shoutouts on social media and at our fundraising events
    • For example, mentors will receive thank you notes from mentees and 6-month post-engagement progress reports, while fundraisers will receive a complimentary planning session with DIFFvelopment to determine how they’d like to fundraise,

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