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The Mc Laine Institute for Tornado and Hurricane Mitigation Research has discovered that Dust Devils, Tornadoes and Hurricanes are all created by the same process as a Lightning strike. The only difference is that Lightning discharges in a second or two while Tornadoes can take minutes to hours to discharge and Hurricanes can take weeks. They are all created by an electric discharge of electrons in the clouds moving to ground to discharge with positive charges. Positively charge dust is pulled up to the bottom of the clouds where they discharge with electrons. Once you realize that the Tornado is just an electrical discharge, then we can stop Move and Kill Tornadoes and Hurricanes with Electric charges and magnetic fields we create. These facts have been known to a few electronic Engineers for at least 10 years but the Meteorological society has denied these facts and therefore nothing has been done to protect us from Tornadoes and Hurricanes.


The Mc Laine Institute with our volunteers will be forming Tornado Protection Departments in Each of the Tornado Alley States. We have a list of open positions on our website; We are also asking for contributions of $500,000 in order to design and build equipment capable of Stop, Moving and Killing Dust Devils. Once we have video proof we can stop, move and kill dust devils with electric charges and magnetic fields we create, then it is just a matter of scaling up the size of our equipment approximately10-20 times to be able to control tornadoes. At some point the Local, state or Federal government will want to take charge of the Tornado Protection Departments we create in each state and that is our goal to get the ball rolling. So these volunteer positions will eventually become a high paying job. So we are recruiting storm chasers and support crews, which will be Tornado Wranglers and place our equipment in front of dust devils and tornadoes to measure the electric charges and take control of the tornadoes movements and kill them with lasers and Microwave transmitters by shorting out the central tube carrying the electrons to the ground.


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