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2320 HIGHLAND AVE S STE 270BIRMINGHAM, AL 35205 United States

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Our mission is to advance healthy air and environmental justice in the Greater-Birmingham area through education, advocacy, and collaboration.


GASP envisions a healthy, just, and sustainable Alabama for everyone who lives, works, learns, and worships here. We strive to reduce air pollution, to educate the public on the health risks associated with poor air quality and to encourage community leaders to serve as role models for clean air and clean energy development. GASP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization.

Birmingham’s air quality has improved compared to the past, but better is not good enough. Air pollution is still a problem in Birmingham, especially if you live in a community on the fence line of large polluting facilities like coke plants, coal-fired power plants, chemical plants, steel mills, metal recyclers, etc.

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