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WAIFA is perhaps a unique type of non-profit NGO that you have never come across before. It was born in response to governments' ineffective enforcement and helplessness against online financial fraud. In 2021, online finance and blockchain data currency fraud will reach as high as 10.5 billion US dollars, a surge of 700% compared with 2020. It means about $28,767,000/day, i.e., $1,197,000/hour. Facing the challenge of decentralizing encrypted digital currency on the blockchain, our traditional legal system is seriously lagging, the high crime rate and the low case detection rate are inversely proportional. In the face of such a difficult and arrogant situation of online fraud crimes, non-governmental organizations must stand up, promote self-help and mutual rescue, promote financial reform, and promote legislative reform. Maybe you are looking for a platform where you can realize the value of your life, the volunteer community of WAIFA, may be just right for you.


WAIFA’s mission is to mobilize all available resources of society and form a worldwide alliance to declare wars and fight against internet financial fraud, strike and eradicate internet financial fraud criminal gangs, and restore and secure a safe, clean, and legal Internet financial environment.

WAIFA will cooperate with law enforcement agencies all over the world to urge, support, and assist them in improving the detection rate of Internet financial fraud, including tracking down criminals and recovering lost funds; and will play a special role in bridging the communication and trust between victims and law enforcement agencies, as well as the law enforcement agencies among different countries.

WAIFA will work with parliamentarians, elected representatives, and opinion leaders to urge all nations to upgrade and update their respective laws to adapt to the rapid development of Internet banking and blockchain cryptocurrency and provide police departments with more efficient enforcement authorities curb the crimes.


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