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GoromonziHarare, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

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The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is in Goromonzi, 25km east of the capital city Harare in Zimbabwe, Africa. Founded in 2012, the Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a safe haven for animals in need, as well as to promote conservation and animal welfare in the extensive rural area of Goromonzi. The Twala Trust is a non profit organisation. Our vision is to significantly improve the quality of life of the dogs, cats and livestock in rural households in the area surrounding our Sanctuary, to assist with human/wildlife conflict in this area and, where necessary, provide sanctuary to displaced, injured and abandoned animals of all species. We provide practical, hands-on education for people to understand animal welfare and conservation measures in the Goromonzi area.


A Unique Animal Sanctuary in Africa

The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is the only sanctuary of its kind in Zimbabwe, operating a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre, an exotic pet rescue, a farm animal rescue and a kennel-free dog rescue. We also have a longstanding, grassroots community outreach programme. We are well-established in Zimbabwe and operate an ethical, hands-on, animal focused Sanctuary. At Twala we do not breed, buy, swap or sell animals. Our residents include four lions (two are confiscated former pets and two were rescued from the breeding/petting industry), serval cats, civet cats, domestic cats, jackals, genets, primates, galagos, antelope, reptiles, indigenous and exotic birds, and many small wild mammals. We also have rescued farm animals, horses and donkeys and a large group of elderly and disabled dogs, who live kennel-free and make up our 'Waggley Tail Club'.

Our role in the community is to help animals in need, provide vet care, food and comfort. We possible, we release wild animals back into their habitat, and re-home domestic animals like dogs and cats into suitable homes, where appropriate. We offer free rabies vaccinations and a spay and neuter programme in the community for cats and dogs and educate people in surrounding villages about animal welfare and positive human/animal interactions.

Our work on a daily basis is varied and extremely fulfilling. We make a difference to animals and people alike.


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by Amanda P. from AU (Administrator for this Organization) (March 22, 2022)
What a fabulous experience. So many animals to look after, and a really well run program with comfortable accommodation. A beautiful place of the world with so much to offer. I will go back!

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