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Our Mission: To improve the quality of life for homeless animals. We want to raise awareness of the severity of abandoned, abused and neglected animals and educate law makers and the general public to programs and solutions.


Street Cat Society is so much more than just feeding community/feral cats. I soon learned that these cats need MORE than just food. First, they MUST BE SPAYED AND NEUTERED. They need shelter, a warm safe place in the winter and a dry cool safe place in the summer. They get sick and injured and need medical care. They get worms and parasites and need to be given given medication. They are lonely and scared. They need love and kindness. They need to be able to play. They need clean water, clean dishes and fresh food that is good for them. They need to be fed on a regular schedule. They need a place to be away from people- a place to hide and feel safe. I've heard people refer to these cats as "wild cats". They are NOT wild animals, they are domestic animals that people have neglected, abandoned and/or abused. I've heard people refer to these cats as "a cat problem." People have caused this epidemic. They do not spay or neuter their animals, they move and leave them behind and/or they just leave them outside to fend for themselves. The general (people) population and local government officials have blinders on and choose not to see what is really happening. There are so many homeless cats (and dogs) EVERYWHERE it is impossible not to see them. Take care of the cats on your street/in your yard. Get the neighbors to help you. Even getting 1 cat fixed and fed is a big help.


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