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7125 YATES STSAINT LOUIS, MO 63116 United States

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Mission Statement

We provide new experiences and travel opportunities to young people so they can discover their limitless potential.


Zugunruhe Experience is different from other youth programs, as it takes place over a three year period. This allows us to foster deep relationships with our students, providing a safe space for them to express themselves and grow into the adults they wish to become. We value equality and equal opportunity for all, and hope to integrate students from all races, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds into our program as the Zugunruhe Experience expands!

On all our adventures we incorporate hard skill and soft skill development. "Hard skills" are activities such as rope courses, hiking, climbing, canoeing, and group games. Facilitators use this hard skill as an opportunity to incorporate "soft skills" such as confidence, teamwork, and how to overcome obstacles while building their emotional intelligence and self awareness. These soft skills become transferable to students’ everyday life.

Something that we’ve been asking ourselves since the beginning of our organization is how to measure the "success" of our students. However, we believe that success is subjective to the individual as each student is different, so it will therefore look different for each person. By allowing each student to determine and dictate what success means to them, as we support them in developing their goals throughout the curriculum.


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