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  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Computers & Technology
  • Hunger


PO BOX 8741MICHIGAN CITY, IN 46361 United States

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Mission Statement

Datlas is partnering with food-access organizations across America to form the Food-Access Hub. Using machine learning to optimize supply chains, the Food-Access Hub is abundance in action. Our mission is to increase food stability and decrease hunger and food waste using the latest technology.


Datlas empowers the Non-Profit sector with custom-built tools. A large chasm exists between the potential of data-driven information and its actual use in helping solve social problems. Datlas bridges this gap by bringing together disparate stores of data in a stream-lined UI to help the Non-Profit sector maximize their efforts.

Predictive Analytics is an advanced branch of data science and engineering. It is defined primarily by its focus on calculating likely outcomes through running tests on massive databases. The Food-Access Hub applies these tools to increase food stability across America.

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