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  • Children & Youth
  • Education & Literacy
  • Health & Medicine
  • Immigrants & Refugees
  • Race & Ethnicity


304 S JONES BLVD STE 2986LAS VEGAS, NV 89107 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

curaJOY advances multicultural children’s social and emotional wellbeing through interactive, evidence-based programs. How we feel about ourselves, interact with others, and overcome obstacles in life makes an enormous difference in our ability to be happy and to succeed. We develop outreach programs in English and Mandarin Chinese, and plan to make our programs available in other languages. Our social-emotional wellbeing programs reach today’s youth whenever and wherever they are. Through our work, children and their entire families learn emotional intelligence skills through doing, making thinking well, feeling good, and thriving for life possible.


Our outreach programs engage not only the participating children but their entire families, utilize artificial intelligence to adjust the content, omnichannel messaging and social media to reach today’s youth where they are at, and crowdfunding to incentivize positive behaviors. Many cultures have additional barriers to care and ingrained cultural stigmas against psychotherapy and the mental health fields. Rather than confronting communities’ existing beliefs and biases, we re-frame the purpose and benefits of social-emotional learning to fit into their value systems and technology habits in a gamified format that people readily embrace.

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