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4764 E Sunrise Dr., Unit #417Tucson, AZ 85718 United States

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Mission Statement

At Liluye, our mission is to combine ethical fashion with compassion by creating high quality, sustainable, ethnic, handmade products that will help reintegrate trafficked survivors back into society by teaching them a viable trade and providing them with a good income, marketable skills, agency training, collaboration and holistic resources.


At Liluye, we passionately combine ethical fashion with compassion. Our products are proudly created by and for people with Great Spirit!

At the same time, we are committed to protecting and sustaining the environment. We intend to only use sustainable, preferably circular, materials in our supply chain to reduce waste, lessen the overall impact on the environment, and promote fair labor conditions.

Currently, we started our first workshop in partnership with WIDC in Nigeria with 8 trafficked survivors to provide them with skills and agency training, mental health resources, and a fair wage. Our plan, and goal, is to collaborate and open as many global workshops as necessary to help reintegrate trafficked survivors.

Liluye is also providing free PTSD training to all its employees and partners that are interested and that can benefit from this essential and beneficial training, in partnership with

Join us in helping to create global, safe havens to economically empower trafficked warriors, and to bring even more awareness and preventive measures to help end sex trafficking! Together, we can help create a better and safer world for everyone and empower girls and women at the same time.

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