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6 Barlow Moor RoadDidbsuryManchester, Greater Manchester M20 6TRUnited Kingdom United Kingdom

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Dignity exists to bring people to Jesus through community and through this to eradicate poverty in all its forms. This includes poverty of spirit, mind, health, community, finances & environment. PIONEERING: We actively seek out areas where the church is at its weakest. We create and make available a library of resources and ways of working which are freely available to support those who are becoming involved in God’s mission and plans for communities. PEOPLE: We go where the Spirit leads us to find people that God has placed in the communities he wants us to work with. We call these people Oaks of Righteousness (Isaiah 61:3); some of them do not know God yet. They are the foundation for the work God will do in their community. WORKING TOGETHER: We believe that bringing people of all types together with Jesus & their community is a powerful force for change. Our principal method of achieving this is through the creation of Life Groups which unify and enrich their communities.


The planting of Life Groups creates forums in which people can explore or discover Christian faith with their peers. As Life Groups promote active Christian faith, they inspire individuals and communities to love their neighbours. The resultant effect of this is that Life Groups practically and effectively bring relief of poverty and suffering of many different kinds to the wider communities they are part of.

By June 2024, we will have planted or inspired 7,500 Life Groups, with every group on the way to planting another Life Group each year, and resulting in active social engagement in each of these communities. This means 150,000 being dsicpled to know Jesus of a social reach of around 500,000 people being helped.

These 7,500 Life Groups will be centred around 5 'hubs', coherent collections of individuals and Life Groups, taking responsibility for and leading the work of Life Groups forward in their area (eg. nation or ethno-linguistic group).

50 Mission Pioneers, some linked to these hubs and others beginning work in new nations or people groups will be forming and enabling local teams. Some Mission Pioneers will work directly with us and others will be attached to ministries with whom we are partnering.

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