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Our mission is to save every video game. Ever. We don't mean just the games, but the stories of how video games have impacted children, and adults in forms unique to countries like Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, the US, and the world. They also alleviate pain, suffering, and have the ability to vastly improve the lives of people no matter their race or creed. Take third degree burns for example, a condition so traumatic that "few injuries involve more painful and numerous procedures than severe burns." "I think one kid described it best, '[... the pain is] just white noise.’ He said [while having the dressings on his burns changed.] 'I wasn’t thinking about anything, I was just shooting snowballs.’ " Help us save not only the video games that have had such a profound effect on cultures the world over, but to also use them to bring hope, joy, and relief to people who need it the most.


Founded in mid-2020 we've programs, and projects that span the world:

New Zealand

In not just saving the unique cultural artifacts around electronic mediums, but also giving people the chance to work with PQ to preserve their own culture. Beyond that we're actively using video game preservation to help those around us: Preservation Quest has mentored youth, and given people from around the world the opportunity to develop creative, and technological skills.

In a very real way we do everything we can to truly care in real, and substantial ways.

Because caring matter, even though it is yes, alot of work.


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