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Mission Statement

We are Tartarukus, a non-profit association that works for the conservation of nature, supporting local projects. These projects are located in Mexico, in Oaxaca coast. For funding their conservation work of natural areas and protected species, they offer ecotourism services. Currently we are supporting them coordinating a volunteering program to involve people in the conservation of these natural areas and species such as sea turtle, American crocodile, White-tailed deer, ... and currently, we are looking for volunteers who can support us to reach a larger population online.


Numerous local groups are developing their own projects to preserve important natural areas or endangered species in Mexico. Many of them are well focused or have an enormous potential to develop ecotourism (or sustainable tourism), raising money from visitors to continue their work. Their main problem is the lack of tools and knowledge to promote their work and organize it well.

For this reason, the aim of my project is to strengthen these conservation groups by offering them sustainability consulting and promotion, using digital media, social networks and developing a web platform which shows the environmental work of the local groups and the services that they offer to visitors.

We are researching projects in the states of Oaxaca, where local people, despite their very low source of income, have protected their natural resources and biodiversity until nowadays. However, it is complicated for them to find a way to continue working on the conservation of biodiversity and natural areas in their economic situation, so they are trying to attract responsible visitors who want to learn and help in the preservation of their natural resources. For this reason, the aims of this project are:

- to raise awareness worldwide of the environmental situation in the natural areas in the South of Mexico

- to show the importance of the work of the local people for its conservation,

- to demonstrate how people can fund these conservation projects through ecotourism.

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