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Mission Statement

Y KNOT is a non-profit volunteer-driven community support group providing mentoring programs for middle and high school youth in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The program is designed out of a direct need for the growing number of youth that are struggling in school, facing social issues or heavily entangled in the juvenile court system. Y KNOT believes that all youth deserve to be supported and nurtured as they mature into adulthood.

Y KNOT will form partnerships with local schools, the juvenile court system, faith-based organizations, and other community organizations to leverage, train, and link mentors to support youth with academics, social issues, and post high-school goals. Offering positive support through mentoring will possibly awaken purpose in youth and propel them towards a personally satisfying and enriching quality of life.

Y KNOT's goal is to empower young individuals to make positive changes in their lives and offer programs that will build trust and safe relationships while providing tools to create a positive outlook. Program focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same.

Y KNOT will primarily target at-risk youth who have developed destructive behaviors and lack motivation due to peer pressure, social issues, and lack of support. To restore hope and confidence, young people must be in a caring, nurturing environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces personal respect and accountability to facilitate their transition to adulthood.

Y KNOT will cultivate a learning environment that will allow young people in search for support to experience leadership and compassion that will change their lives and encourage them to find their passions. Y KNOT is committed to encourage and enhance the knowledge base of youth regardless of the transition, stage, or phase of life. Healthy relationships promote a sense of individual responsibility and can inspire youth to pursue adulthood with confidence.

At-risk youth are affected by violence, homelessness, abuse, and drugs. Every 26 seconds one child drops out of high school - 1.3 million students a year. Only 72% of American children graduate high school. 59% of youth in DC graduated from 2009-2010. Youth 12-19 tend to have new challenges in their lives due to transitioning to adolescence and adulthood which makes this a crucial time for mentoring to be effective.

Youth need guidance and care to develop into whole competent adults. Y KNOT's mentoring programs will pair a youth with a mentor for a specified length of time based on the level of need and program. During the mentorship the pair will participate in planned activities to strengthen the relationship and improve the young person's outlook and confidence. Mentors will receive continuous training throughout the year and will participate in meetings to report the young person's progress and lessons learned.

Over time, Y KNOT will entrench its self in the community and will serve as an invaluable support system to youth, families, and the community at large. Y KNOT's volunteer-based community outreach program will provide a welcoming support environment that families can depend on for help to combat social issues facing today's youth. Y KNOT will evolve into an organization that will provide comprehensive programs and services to include: etiquette, financial literary, internships, job shadowing, career services, and tutoring. Through partnerships and networking,
Y KNOT will consult with other non-profit agencies and local and federal governments to use Y KNOT's creative program model to develop similar programs and services for other communities in need of support.


YKNOT is a youth mentoring program that was founded this year by Dr. Regina Gibbons. YKNOT is committed to serving disadvantaged and youth who need to be reinforced by positive guidance. YKNOT is an acronym for Knowledge, Nurturing, Opportunity and Training. The organization seeks to provide youth with a nurturing environment for them to pursue personal and educational excellence. Realizing all children may not possess all the tools and habits required to be top performers, YKNOT feels that proper guidance can shape the mind and behaviors to see opportunity through obstacles. Broken systems, family issues and a lack of resources plague our youth of today. YKNOT's goal is to stand in the gap, where possible, to encourage, motivate and stimulate youth to achieve greater success.

YKNOT is seeking mentors to possess the ability to assist our organization with these efforts. Through their life experiences, our mentors can demonstrate that all things are possible, even when one must confront setbacks, and obstacles.

Primary Duties:
* Lead in supporting participants through ongoing one-on-one mentoring
* Serves as a source of positive role model by displaying desirable behaviors
* Build relationships with mentees by planning and participating in activities together
* Build self-esteem and motivation
* Helps and develops goal settings and achievements
* Provide regular bi-weekly updates to the Mentor Coordinator
* Must be willing to meet bi-weekly with mentees face-to-face for a minimum of 1 hour over the term of 3 months
* Must communicate with mentees at least once a week via phone or email to keep abreast of their progress
* Attend regular mentor/mentee group events, support groups and program recognition events
* Attend initial mentor orientations/trainings and any additional training sessions during the year

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
* Must possess effective communication skills
* Must be open to working with children and teens from various diverse backgrounds and some possible criminal histories
* Must be able to adhere to all program policies and procedures


Education and Experience:
* Must be 21 years of age or older
* Minimum 2 years of education (college or equivalent educational backgrounds)
* Must be able to undergo a full background screening
* Open to with children and teens from various diverse backgrounds and some possible criminal histories
* Adhere to all program policies and procedures

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