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13089 PEYTON DR UNIT C161CHINO HILLS, CA 91709 United States

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Cavikas is a nonprofit 501(s) organization dedicated to offering the gift of Argentine Tango (AT) through free or discounted tango lessons to build communities of happy people. Tango is not only a dance. Many studies have proven that Argentine tango has many positive side effects on people. Here are some of the benefits the AT has to offer. Help: Seniors (65 +) Cancer's survivals Amputees People with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease Some of the AT benefits: Build self-esteem and confidence. Connecting lonely people with like people and creating feelings of belonging. A safe environment to have a human touch (Hugs longer than 20 seconds release Oxytocin that has been shown to boost the immune system and reduce stress.)



  • Gets people to take on an activity, a hobby, which makes them move and get them to socialize in an easy way.
  • Accessible to most since it is a Low-impact dance and does not require any particular athletic abilities,
  • Improves balance, flexibility, and coordination
  • Stimulates one’s cognitive functions
  • Improves one’s mood
  • Builds positive self-esteem
  • Gives the feeling of achievement and satisfaction.
  • A great ice breaker which helps shy people to meet other people and find their soul mates. Additionally, Social Argentine Tango takes place in many different venues with dozens or hundreds of people sharing the dance floor. The Argentine Tango communities are very welcoming to other dancers (new or old members) and they give one that feeling of BELONGING which we all need so much. Now that you may understand better why it is so important to me to bring Argentine Tango in the lives of others, you may wonder how I plan to do that:

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