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Organization Information

Mission Statement

The CLICKCOACH Mission is to support professional classical, jazz, and musical theater artists financially while at the same time providing a trusted informational and educational resource for the betterment of the music and music supporting community as a whole in an artist-forward and trusted environment. CLICKCOACH provides a platform to share valuable knowledge with the world in the form of accessible, insightful, and informative coaching videos from professional artists to a) support themselves or other artists financially, b) promote advancement in music education by offering a unique and rich aggregate resource of online coaching content, and c) provide resources to poor or underprivileged groups. Our core values are: Community, Transparency, Acceptance, Diversity


CLICKCOACH as a Relief Effort

CLICKCOACH’s website is a resource where professional classical, jazz, and musical theater artists freely upload 10-15 minute musical discussions in video form, streamed to a worldwide audience of users at an accessible price point of $1.99+fees per video to share their unique perspectives and experience as professionals: a mixture of musical advice, tips & tricks, demonstrations, talk of difficult passages, score errors, musical opinions and great ideas-talking the 'how-to’ talk in an effort to support and inform with great musical discussion.

Profits from the videos are used to help artists. CLICKCOACH allocates 1% of all video sales towards low-income, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and underprivileged groups as well as working on a one- to-one basis with musical organizations for whom the base price point may not be manageable.

CLICKCOACH as a Research and Educational Resource

CLICKCOACH is looking to the future of musical research and educational tools. We are giving access to curated 'how-to’ and 'inside’ content by professional artists to benefit young and developing musicians, professionals, and music lovers worldwide. At a price point only a nonprofit organization could offer, we are putting a powerful educational tool at the fingertips of everyone who wants to access it.

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