National Volunteer Week 2021 Is Here!

Join us for a week of exciting and educational events showcasing the artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, authors, fashion and beauty changemakers who are lighting up our screens and airwaves to shift our consciousness and conversations for good.

Celebrate with us as we highlight #ArtAsActivism!
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Mission Statement

We want to explore new ways to support the arts and artists around the world. Our vision is to conduct a global remote residency that will provide financial support to artists in all fields during this time. The program will not only address a financial need, but will allow artists to collaborate, show their work online, and create commentary on the impacts of this global conflict. We want to provide a space to wrestle with and respond to topics bubbling to the surface during this time: race, nationality, financial markets, global economy, governments, communities, and the list goes on. Beyond this one global crisis, the residency will be a place that will facilitate art’s response to conflicts and global issues into the future.


Founded in the middle of a crisis... CO-RESIDENCY is a new kind of art residency to connect, collaborate and create during times of conflict and crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted the world’s economy (and shocked healthcare systems); we couldn’t help but notice the great impact on peoples' livelihoods. The most vulnerable in this crisis are creative freelancers, contract staff, service workers and those who rely on tourism. So many artists are experiencing crisis in their communities. With the closure of galleries, museums, creative events and the cancellation of projects; and with so many artists relying on alternative sources of income, their ability to create and engage during this time is significantly affected.

Art tells the history of who we are. Whether it is the Venus of Willendorf helping us understand the role of women in the European Palaeolithic time, Renaissance art as a response and rebirth from the Middle Ages or the Dada Movement as a post-war expression.

This first cohort of CO-RESIDENCY is a space to document the Covid-19 crisis moment in history through art, as a testament of what artists around the world needed to express during this point in history. We believe in the healing power of art and in its ability to generate constructive conversations. We hope that wherever this initiative reaches an audience it makes you feel seen, understood, represented or at least that it allows to shine a little light in your path.


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