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FIER [pronounced "fire"] is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about racial trauma and racial literacy in order to foster better allyship between diverse communities. ***PLEASE NOTE: After applying to volunteer with our organization, please check your email for a follow up link to schedule your interview. Any applicants who do not schedule their interview will have their application considered incomplete. ***


Our name, the Foundation for Inter-Ethnic Restoration, came from our desire to unite different ethnic/racial groups and address racial tension in society. FIER was founded in 2020 amidst the countless protests against police brutality and rampant xenophobia stemming from the COVID 19 pandemic. Our organization seeks to address the following issues:

1) Societal stigmatization of discussions centered around race--a lack of racial literacy that fosters racial gaslighting, racial tension, and racial trauma.

2) The lack of empathy between ethnic communities with regards to one another's lived experiences.

3) The lack of knowledge about how ethnic communities are historically, psychologically and emotionally impacted by all four forms of racism.

4) The absence of an inclusive, safe, validating space for communities to unite, express solidarity and share their experiences with racism, prejudice or race-based violence.

5) A lack of resources for people who struggle with racial trauma following covert or overt violence against their community.

Consequently, the inability to address these issues leaves society in a vicious social cycle of violence, trauma, tension, passivity, then silence.

The Foundation for Inter-Ethnic Restoration is dedicated to breaking that cycle.


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by Ly D. (March 13, 2023)
I would highly recommend joining this organization and/or attending events! As a volunteer, it’s been great working with so many different people, as well as get a chance to increase my knowledge about racial literacy. I also attended a FIERside chat (which are hour-long talks on Instagram live) where we discuss important topics related to race, racism, and lived experiences of people of color, which provide really valuable and varied perspectives.
by Daisy H. from ATLANTA, GA (February 8, 2023)
I would recommend to a friend because not only do we talk about racial discrimination and racial trauma but we also get an understanding of how it looks like in other cultures, why it happens, and how we can overcome it.
by Shannon M. from GA (January 17, 2023)
I would recommend this organization to anyone who is interested in working with a diverse group toward a noble cause. It's great because as a volunteer, there are many opportunities to explore and learn about topics you may not have known about as well as chances to do extensive research and be a part of activities such as the monthly FIREside Chats. These conversations occur on Instagram Live with volunteers and subject matter experts on a discussion topic. If you're not ready to put yourself out there, there are other options behind the camera that you can participate in. I highly recommend this nonprofit for all levels of education but if you are in higher education, it's great experience and the hours are flexible.

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