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Mission Statement

The specific objectives and purposes of the Corporation shall be to preserve and maintain the historic structure, and to make the site accessible to the public in order to increase awareness of the significance and educational value of the Five Finger Lighthouse.


The Five Finger Lighthouse Society was previously called the Juneau Lighthouse Association. When all the Juneau officers moved away from Juneau, the remaining members from Petersburg, Alaska continued the organization. In 2019 the organization name was changed to reflect that we are no longer only associated with Juneau. We found the 501(c)3 status had been revoked years earlier so we have reapplied for retroactive reinstatement of the tax free status in February 2021. The current goats are to maintain the lighthouse as best we can during the summer months when the lighthouse is accessible (May through September). The winter weather conditions make the lighthouse inaccessible. Major projects we are working toward are to improve a method of safe access to the island and to make repairs to the boat house roof that has been damaged during the winters of 2020 and 2021. We desire to have a lighthouse keeper during the summer months to help with the routine maintenance of the lighthouse and the surrounding land. The lighthouse is equipped with beds, some heat, electricity, stove, refrigerator, freezer, washer, drier, hot water, toilet, and bath facilities. There are resupply runs to the lighthouse about every two weeks during the summer to supply the lighthouse keepers and help with repairs and maintenance.


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