National Volunteer Week 2021 Is Here!

Join us for a week of exciting and educational events showcasing the artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, authors, fashion and beauty changemakers who are lighting up our screens and airwaves to shift our consciousness and conversations for good.

Celebrate with us as we highlight #ArtAsActivism!
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Mission Statement

Educating the WHOLE child, Shakti is a unique education social impact initiative for the marginalized girl child in India. Sarvam Shakti works on making each girl realize her inner Shakti (power) through a world-class curriculum in Indian Classical Dance, Yogic Sciences, remedial academic education, supplementary nutrition and life skills education. Modern education focusses on academic success at the cost of emotional and spiritual intelligence. We ensure the HOLISTIC growth of a girl, physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.


Sarvam Shakti has taken a most unusual and unique route in education. Modern education, especially for the marginalized, never touches upon emotional intelligence or skill based learning or even healthier bodies and minds in schools. Hence girls suffer with less confidence at not keeping up with the academic rigour (without the help of extra tuitions) and also poor health and lack of an identity. They feel like a statistic.

Shakti takes the most complex and healing Indian art forms to the girls, absolutely world-class training for free to them to not only skill but also to liberate their bodies, minds and emotions from any disadvantages.

We are 220 girls right now in 2 Indian states soon to become 400 in 3 states

The girls are highly motivated - they have travelled to Europe for arts festivals, performed across India, leading their school as Cultural or Co-Curricular monitors and much more. They are doing better in their academics and are very health conscious even in their limited budgets. They are creatively resilient.

Their families are invested now in their growth which is a huge step for many patriarchal communities. After all, theirs is the first person in a generation who holds a Passport or who is the Cultural Head or a Class Monitor or a Medalist in Shlokas/Sports/Yoga for their respective schools.

They have seen a remarkable improvement in their health and well-being.


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