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To raise awareness about the damaging impacts of the climate crisis on mental health and to provide resources and support to those struggling. We aim to: Distribute educational materials to schools, community centers, and other public places on the impact of the climate crisis on psychological wellness. Host public events and workshops featuring speakers from various fields, including mental health, climate science, and social justice, to raise awareness about the issue. Make available a directory of mental health resources on our website and social media for people struggling with the climate crisis. Connect with other organizations to advocate for policies that address the climate crisis and its impact on mental health. We agree that by working together, we can create a society where everyone gets the resources and assistance, they need to deal with the difficulties of climate catastrophe.


The Greenway International Foundation is a nonprofit raising awareness of the impact of the climate crisis on mental health and promoting self-care. Raising awareness is crucial to changing the mental health crisis caused by climate change. When more people are knowledgeable and vocal about the issues, it creates pressure to address the concerns.

The consequences of the climate crisis on mental health are understudied and underappreciated, despite it being one of the world's most significant health threats.

Climate change can significantly impact mental health, both directly and indirectly. Direct impacts include the stress and anxiety caused by extreme weather events, such as floods, wildfires, storms, and heat waves. Indirect effects include the loss of livelihood, displacement, and social disruption that can accompany climate change.


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