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426 OLD ROUTE 22AMENIA, NY 12501 United States


Organization Information

Mission Statement

We are an environmental sustainability and outdoor survival education center located on 153 acres of property. ARC38 operates as a educational homestead and nature preserve applying a variety of methods and technology to educate and integrate new methods of infrastructure that address the 5 basic requirements for sustainable living, Food, water, waste management, energy. and shelter. By creating a living model of sustainability we provide opportunities for people to learn about renewable resources radical self reliance and permaculture through a hands on experience that demonstrates the necessity for a symbiotic relationship with nature.


We are a relatively young and small organization, we have spent the first few years studying the land and cleaning up nearly 50,000 lbs of trash left by the previous stewards. In 2020 we started our 20 acre land remediation project removing a massive amount of invasive plant species and starting to reclaim a forgotten fruit orchard and vineyard that is nearly 400 years old. With the weekly donation of 200 inoculated mushroom bricks we used the invasive plants and damage or dead native trees to produce a 400 ft long 6 ft tall 15 ft wide mushroom wall innocukared with pink blue gold and king oyster mushrooms as well as lions mane. The mushroom wall act as a natural erosion control, while holding moisture for much of the season, when the mushroom have fully broken down the woody material the walls will become hugelkut├╝rs. This year we will be finishing the invasive species removal while we start to replant the area with over 100 native species to provide more stable and diverse habitat and tapered forage for local fauna. In 2020 we consttucted a commercial greenhouse that was generously donated by one of our members this spring we will be using it to start all of our seeds for this year's gardens.

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