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3100 TEAL TERSAFETY HARBOR, FL 34695 United States

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Mission Statement

360 Eats' mission is to create a just and sustainable food system where no one goes hungry and no food is wasted.


Saving Food, Serving Food, Sprouting Food
360 Eats is a newly formed 501(c)(3) Nonprofit mobile food service providing an innovative solution to bridge the gaps between food waste, food insecurity, and sustainability.
30-40% of quality food produced in the United States goes to waste each year and yet still 1 in every 8 American Citizens is considered food-insecure. Our goal is to eradicate hunger and food waste as we know it by providing upwards of 500,000 nutritious and gourmet meals to those in need and rescue over 1 million pounds of good food in the United States each year.

How It Works

Saving Food:
The Saving Food program rescues good food from going to waste by collecting excess food from businesses, fellow organizations, and individuals by our mobile Food Rescue team and volunteers.
Serving Food:
Our Serving Food program gives surplus food new life in the form of nutritious and gourmet meals for those less fortunate. We work in partnership with a licensed commissary kitchen and volunteer professional chefs to prepare meals and then distribute the meals directly to those in need.
Sprouting Food:
The Sprouting Food program ensures that donated food is used to its full potential by turning food scraps into compost to grow more food throughout affected communities. Partnerships with local farms and composting initiatives as well as apps such as Make Soil allow us to fulfill our goal of a zero-waste system.

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