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Mission Statement

Box for Health was founded with the ambitious task of transforming Health Education and Hygiene practices in low-middle income nations using eco-friendly and sustainable methods. We provide you with an aesthetic, eco-friendly repertoire with 100% of proceeds going to the non-profit cause of health equity in children. Please view our selection below!


Originally, we wanted to treat cavities in children in low-middle income countries. There is nothing more powerful than a child’s smile. But then we realized: treating cavities means the children are already infected. We wanted to address the problem at its source.

Several studies show the value in hygiene education in terms of increasing healthy and productive lives - we wanted to bring an innovative, evidence-based AND sustainable model that we can use to achieve worldwide health equity.

As dentists in training, we were first focused on cavities and oral health. Cavities are not genetic - they are preventable! We wanted to focus on education to prevent the disease before it attacks! As we developed our models and collaborated with colleagues from every specialty, we realized oral health was not the only problem: Low-Middle Income countries often have communicable diseases as a leading cause of morbidity and mortality!

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