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Mission Statement

Building tools for productive online democratic discourse. One day millions of people will use these tools to assemble online and quickly solve our toughest political problems and end the gridlock.


We are a virtual organization, with volunteers from all over the world.

We are building tools productive national democratic discourse and decision making, where proven in-person discussion processes are translated into online experiences involving fully automated text and video. Imagine Democrats, Republicans, Independents and people of every political ideology working together, productively, on the important issues like healthcare, the economy, and even climate and coming to awesome solutions they all agree to and implement. This happens when dialog and deliberation is applied in small groups, it’s time to make that happen in large scale, quickly, and inexpensively. Let’s build that together.

Our first step in this mission was taking the debate process online with Undebates, a tool that automates the process of asking candidates questions and assembling the results into an interactive online video player accessible to voters so they can quickly make voting decisions. We worked with Ballotpedia to launch this in elections across the country in 2020. See our MVP at https://cc.enciv.org/san-francisco-district-attorney.

Join us and help make democracy more productive (online).

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