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Penguins International is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and protecting penguins around the world. To accomplish this mission, we actively engage in penguin conservation, we educate the public on threats to penguins, and we conduct scientific research investigations to understand penguin biology and best methods for conservation, three activities that go hand-in-hand to fully understand these amazing species of birds and protect them for all to cherish.


Penguins International is committed to preserving and protecting penguins around the world since 2017. The organization was founded in response to gaps in overall penguin conservation that needed to be addressed.

Of the 18 species of penguins found around the world, 9 of those species are in danger of extinction. As indicator species, penguins are so sensitive to changes in their environment that they indicate the overall health of the planet. When we protect the environment in which penguins live, we are also increasing the health of the planet as a whole.

Current and future programs include:
Penguin Conservation Activities - In-depth conservation projects of threatened penguin species in New Zealand and the Falkland Islands, Emperor Penguin population monitoring, oiled penguin emergency rescue and rehabilitation, and breeding colony rehabilitation and trash cleanup.

Penguin Awareness - Providing education and information on conservation threats to penguins as well as their importance to the ecosystem in their natural habitat. This program is completed through remote learning activities, presentations, social media, and production of a television docu-series.

Scientific Research - Pollution exposure in penguins at varying locations around the world to determine exposure. Investigating best practices in penguin conservation methods.

We are currently collaborating or partnering with various zoos and conservation organizations such as SeaWorld, Punta San Juan Program, Tawaki Project and Albuquerque Biopark.


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