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Mission Statement

Tempesta di Mare is a self-led baroque orchestra and chamber ensemble with a mission to inspire and enlighten through concerts, recordings and broadcasts. The inspiration comes from approaching baroque music as a rhetorical craft; the enlightenment comes from an emphasis on rediscovered masterworks alongside established repertoire.


Tempesta di Mare is named after a concerto by Antonio Vivaldi. Translated to mean "storm at sea," Tempesta di Mare reflects the composers’ view of instrumental music as a vivid, rhetorical craft, capable of conveying emotional drama to its listeners. The orchestra performs self-led-no conductor-just as they did when the music was new.

Led by directors Gwyn Roberts and Richard Stone, with concertmaster Emlyn Ngai, Tempesta defines itself by this rhetorical approach to baroque music through concerts, recordings and broadcasts, including:

More than 280 concerts by more than 70 composers
31 modern world premieres and dozens more U.S. and regional premieres
European and U.S. tours
10 acclaimed CDs on Chandos, where Tempesta remains the only American baroque orchestra on a roster of European ensembles
More than 55 million annual broadcast-listeners in the U.S., with millions more in over 56 countries worldwide

To experience Tempesta is to experience nonstop discovery of repertoire both in and outside the canon: groundbreaking, modern rediscoveries, essential music by forgotten composers, overlooked works by famous composers, and even famous works by famous composers revealed in new ways.


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