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Mission Statement

Mission: The Goochy Project is a newly forming nonprofit organization with a mission to support low-income pet owners in Seattle by providing free, time-limited, pet care and boarding when owners need to attend to important issues that require temporary separation from their furry family members. Vision: We believe that everyone should be able to define their family, whether it be made up of humans or furry companions. People, regardless of income and social supports should be able to have non-human family members in their lives for companionship, support and unconditional love. The Goochy Project will strive to step in when there is no access to financial or community resources to assist in the boarding and care of the furry family member. Having this resource available will remove a barrier to improving the quality of life for those who are most vulnerable in our community.


Goochy’s Story:

The need for this resource became evident when a particularly bewitching pitbull mix by the name of Goochy, was in a bind. His owner had a warrant for his arrest and had no one he trusted to care for his beloved dog so he could turn himself in. He risked losing Goochy, his only lifeline, if he waited to be picked up on the warrant as his beautiful pup could end up at the shelter. They turned to a supportive case manager in the community for assistance who agreed to take Goochy temporarily and work to figure out a solution so that his owner could turn himself in and be in control of what happened to his furry family member. That's the moment it became clear that this was a necessary resource. After many hours of searching, no community resource was found. Finally after turning to a for-profit agency, a pet sitter was found who was willing to take Goochy for the night.

This story had a happy ending. Goochy had a little vacation and his owner was out of custody quickly. But the lack of this resource became a nagging issue for the case manager, the pet sitter and Goochy's owner. The Goochy Project seeks to provide a resource that does not currently exist in our community and an opportunity to give assurance to pet owners who do not have the assurance that finance brings..


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