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Mission Statement

Mission: We facilitate families' applications to affordable housing and property managers’ administration of applicants through an easy online system. Vision: We are a national nonprofit that is the primary website to apply online for all types of affordable housing. We envision fewer low-income families and homeless as well as apartment managers struggling with bureaucracy, archaic paper applications, and the unmanageable, daunting waitlist system. We see City and State governments, HUD, property owners and millions of people joining our effort for easy common access to low-income housing. We believe a central U.S. housing application system is inevitable.


American Community Team is a tech nonprofit, which according to Fast Forward (www.ffwd.org) there are only a few hundred in the country. We are looking to launch an affordable housing application system for the U.S., which is desperately needed by low-income and homeless families. We are at the start-up stage and looking for volunteers. Already, we have obtained, through our connections, a housing application software technology, that has been in use successfully for over 3 years! Also we are now in discussions with a potential major national client. With them we intend to launch the first U.S. common housing application system, that will work for all affordable housing providers (City/State lotteries, public housing, for-profit affordable, and nonprofit affordable housing) and all persons (individuals, families, seniors, handicapped, homeless, etc.).

We need dynamic volunteers to help. Please contact us today.

We seek willing volunteers with board and fundraising experience, as well as technical and general administrative experience, to help us revolutionize access to affordable housing in this country.


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