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Join us for a week of exciting and educational events showcasing the artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, authors, fashion and beauty changemakers who are lighting up our screens and airwaves to shift our consciousness and conversations for good.

Celebrate with us as we highlight #ArtAsActivism!
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Mission Statement

To share our passion for improving quality of life through innovative healthcare, one PERSON, one FAMILY, and one COMMUNITY at a time.


The term "hospice" comes from the root word "hospital" and "hospitality". It can also mean "the caring host". The history of hospice? It was founded by Dr. Cicely Saunders in 1967 and to this day many hospice organizations exist. Before hospice, in medieval times it was a place run by religious orders to replenish and refresh the sick travelers on long journeys. Today, hospice still helps the "sick traveler", it is simply that the traveler is each of us on the final journey of life. Our goal is to help terminally ill and families during their final journey of life. We strive to take the "scary" out of death and bring about a peaceful, comfortable, and personal journey. We want to achieve taking care of patients and families on all levels: emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, and mental. VOLUNTEERS help to bring about that social companionship level for individuals and families struggling in their final journey of life. We hope to achieve the best volunteer program for AseraCare patients so that we can provide them with friends and companions during this difficult time. We strive to do that with the talents of individuals that volunteer such as friendship and companion visits, music visits, pet companions, vigil visits (last days), administrative help, and/or any other talent that one has to offer.


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