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p.o. box 1109vilcabamba, loja 11019Ecuador Ecuador

Organization Information

Mission Statement is in the beginning stage. The aim of the project is to categorize and collect info about all the major projects on the planet restoring the Earth, with timely updates. Then to do everything possible to make it known throughout the world, so that more and more projects can send us all their relevant information. This is so humanity can know what and what isn't being done to avert climate change and to have easy access to engage and support projects. It is also a big first step in unifying humanity to give humanity the power to demand governments to act and to make illegal all actions that increase climate change, like deforestation.


The organization is being run through the ecovillage Chambalabamba ( in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. The community is 7 years old and is a model for how people can live best together, living organically, without hierarchies.

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